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Advanced general server configuration

General server configuration for advanced options.

Command line parameters

parameter default valid description
-dedicated     Starts the game as a dedicated server
-stdout     Starts the server without a console, only text output - useful for running server in wine
-console     Starts the server in a dedicated console
+set net_ip <ip>   Configures the ip the server is listening on
+set net_port <int> 28960 1 - 65535 Configures the port the server is listening on
+set sv_lanonly <int> 0 0 - 1 Starts server for LAN only
+exec <string>     Loads a given server configuration
+set fs_game <string>     Configures which mod to load
+set party_enable <int> 1 0 - 1 Configures wether to use the party or match system
+set sv_maxclients <int> 18 1 - 18 Configures the amount of clients on the server (match only)
+map_rotate     Starts map rotation (match only)
+set playlistFilename <string> “”   Configures which playlist to load (party only)
+playlist <int>   0 - 99 Loads playlist number +1 from playlist file (party only)

Supported gametypes

abbreviation gametype
war Team Deathmatch
dm Free-for-all
dom Domination
koth Headquarters
sab Sabotage
sd Search and Destroy
arena Arena
dd Demolition
ctf Capture the Flag
oneflag One-Flag CTF
gtnw Global Thermo-Nuclear War

Additional gametypes are possible with mods.